The Universe is a system of checks and balances. Everything from molecules, elements, matter, antimatter, light, dark, people, and even souls are bound by this ultimate and unwavering rule. There is no bending of this law, and even God is made to honor its demands - hence His siblings of other cultures; Ra, Allah, Hades. They all exist, even if their tales have been skewed. What, then, is the 'antimatter' which balances God's creation of Angels? Demons, of course. In truth, it was not until Lucifer was outcast from 'Heaven', that the Universe became aware of Angel's. It was not until the Outcast Prince had made his presence known did the Universe have need to balance the power of blessed Angels. That moment; that fate-altering moment of Lucifer's banishing - Samael was born. He is the father of his race, the promise of balance, and the root of allure that is deviousness and evil - the opposite of the obedient, androgynous Angels.


Samael spent many years creating his labyrinth beneath the world of the living, burrowing deep into the hot of the underbelly of the universe only to arise and wreak havoc with his little experiments throughout the centuries. Rome, Egypt, China - He has visited and toyed with all the dynasties, perhaps even taken hand some of their fallings. However, one can become bored with such repetitious endeavors. Finally, the expansion of his underworld, his maze, his Hell, has lead him here. Ah, Duat. How had he not found it earlier? Now he has turned his experiments to something else. No longer does he take interest in the impersonal torments of whole cities, but he has come here to explore what he has only dabbled in - the more sensitive and intriguing pieces of the human mind.

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