Sect of Bastet
High Priest/Priestess: Luna
Alternate Form Feline
Element Fire
Location: Western edge of Lunatum
Allies: To Come
Enemies: To Come


This sect holds true to the multifaceted goddess it worships. Bastet can sometimes turn into Sekhmet, and those who worship her must not only accept but revel in the moods and whims of a goddess that may from one moment to the next be diametrically opposed. These followers thusly value flexibility of thought and understanding, as well as a less than rigid adherence to morals. Art and life and indulging in passions and vice are the tenets of Bastet society, though there is a palpable undercurrent of intent, and it seems every Bastet in the sect, from the lowest initiate to the highest priest, has their own private agenda. This sect has been at war with the Sect of Sobek for some time, though few can remember why or how it started.

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