Sect of Horus
High Priest/Priestess: Demeke
Alternate Form Avian
Element Air
Location: Northern Edge of Lunatum
Allies: Sect of Anubis
Enemies: To Come


The Sect of Horus is a clan that considers itself above all the others, and so concerns itself very little with anyone else. Within its own clan, however, hierarchy is strictly maintained, and any breach of ettiquette or propriety is met with the harshest of punishments. Emotions have little place here, those being the failings of the terrestrial beings - the sect of horus feels that flight has freed them from the passionate turmoils of the soul and allowed them to seek out greater wisdoms. Yet this has only led to delusion and haughtiness. One good thing of many that has come down from the sect of horus are the constitutional laws of Lunatum, a very solid, clearly written compendium that covers all aspects of what is allowed and disallowed. They have a grudging aliance with the sect of Anubis, the 'dogs' being the most able enforcers of their most glorious laws.

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