The Huntress - The Plague - The Devourer



Ra ruled as pharaoh for many years, presiding over his people with a wise hand. But, even this God aged when in a mortal form, and soon his people began to taunt him for his weak and geriatric appearance. So their caustic words continued until the great Ra could take it no longer. With a thought, a word, the mere will of creation, his power gave birth unto Sekhmet the Huntress. She was to be a plaque upon the disrespectful mortals, a destroyer of their homes, and a devourer of their bodies. The Lioness, Sekhmet, bounded out across Egypt and raped the land of its people, waking early every day just to gobble up the fleeing humans.

There was a single morning, however, that did not go as anticipated. Rising with the Sun, her Father, the Lioness leapt out across her favored field and spied the flailing of redheaded mortal steering across the land, calling out his prayers for escape even as he disappeared into the golden brush. With her roar of a call, Sekhmet took chase. She weaved through the dried grasses and down the length of the river, heavy gasps locking the scent of her newest prey. Something went array, however, and as she hit the boundaries of the desert, the wind stirred up and tossed the meal’s scent all around her. The aroma seemed to twist about the Lioness like a waltzing lover and she spun to and fro in a last search of her fleeing feast. When she completed her circle, expecting to look back upon the pyramid, she found herself in another world completely.

It had been a trick, Isis’s scheme to free the human race from the merciless Huntress. Sekhmet was bound within Duat. Roaring her rage to the careless heavens, the Lioness pounced off once more, tearing across the whole of Duat from star to star. It was here that she made yet another mistake. In her furry, she bounded across the holy land of a cemetery, her heavy paws beating a sick tune upon a single grave. Even the children of Ra should not show such disrespect for those in the afterlife, and a consequence was surely due. The Huntress spun around in time to see the grave shudder and a man crawl free of his burial. And thus, he became Sekhmet's first childe, the first creation of her rage and bloodlust – cursed the same, he too is controlled by the bloody needs of his Lioness Mistress, but gifted with her strength and immortality. Thus is the creation of the Leo Bloodline.


Sekhmet currently resides somewhere in the Noxctalis region of Duat, looking over her ferral Kindred. Not much is known about the Huntress as of now, if her blood-lust has been satiated, if she is a danger to the people, for she has not been seen among the populace for many years.

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