Sonal Adelind - The Cobra

To Make a Priestess…

Sonal does not remember her life or any existence before Duat. What was is not an issue to muddle this Priestess's thoughts. Her first memory is of floating through a night-embraced expanse, a vision without any self-awareness as she looked down over the world of Lunatum.

"My people need you down there…" a gruff and gravely voice spoke out to her. After a long pause, it continued, "Lead them and I will give you a life, a purpose, and art."

With that, Sonal found herself in the Hill Top Market of Lunatum, one of its people. She followed some subconscious and natural call towards the southern regions of the lands, bare feet slopping through the marshy terrain. It is there that she lead the construction of the Temple to Sobek, and has made an effort to share his arts, and gifts, with the people around her.


The glamour of unblemished ivory and serpent-like appeal - such is Sonal. Standing at approximately five and a half feet, this woman's frame is enticingly lithe and sinuous, topped with tresses of brilliant snow-white that cascade in flat, satin streams. The locks are set free, their length falling down to the gentle crescent where back begins to meld into plush rump. Within the frame of those loosed tresses, her ivory countenance is one of exotic, ancient bloodlines - gracefully angular, with a demure nose, chin and cheek, leaving her look sharp and surreal. Lips are a captivating shade of tender gold, offering a suppleness that pillows the single silver hoop that is pierced though the center of her lower lip. The elegant slope of her nose lifts the eyes upwards to brows that are nigh invisible in their soft, silvery chiseled arches above vibrant, unsettling eyes. Where a normal being's eye whites would be, hers are the black of a deep, forgotten abyss. The obsidian gives way only upon the horizon of her irises - royal gold, piercing out from the eeriness of the darker surround, is cut though with elliptical, slit-like pupils.

Sonal is adorned with an emerald, strapless bodice that cradles and covers fluid curves. Her corset's neckline devotedly follows the rise of each soft breast, its hem crafted into golden lace that resembles the pattern of freshly made snowflakes. Tied up the front, the garment's golden cords prove a little too long and are left to swing freely with her motions. The elegant and slender column of her throat is swallowed in a collection of gold and silver chains and trinkets that chime out in sweet tones with every movement. The same metallic, shining little gifts are bestowed around her wrists in abundance, while a few emerald-jeweled cuffs adorn the widths of her biceps.

Lower still, the woman has donned an emerald skirt. The dress itself is made of multiple layers - all airy fabrics that dance around her elegant steps, embellishing the grace with which this sinuous creature seems to move. Beneath the layered hems of the various green-shaded fabrics, the woman's feet are notably bare. She seems to move on tiptoe more often than not, as if forever captured by the steps of a illustrious dance.

Beyond that, however, the elegance of her attire has much of her back left bare to reveal a strange tattoo. An immense and powerful, wingless dragon is done in artistic detail, sweeping up her spine and over her right shoulder where its inked claws seem to take a greedy grip on her delicate collarbone.

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