Surrender To The Darkness
Scene Name: Surrender to the Darkness
Date & Time: May 15th, 2011. Night.
Characters: Alekto and Laura

Astrum Island - Docks

This island is not one that is entirely welcoming to its visitors. Even more devoid of life than the rest of the city, Astrum is a flat barren desert with but a tall pyramid looming not far from here, but even that imposing large monolith brings little vitality to the sorrowfully somber surroundings of the island, as though a prisoner petrified in its attempt to rise up from the arid wasteland. If anything, Astrum is a true representative of what Noxctalis has become over the years of sunlight's neglect.

The docks complement the lifelessness of Astrum, being largely constructed from stone and iron, more so the latter than the former. Even the pier itself is iron, and either magic has been involved to prevent rust from devouring the pier, or Styx simply doesn't hold the properties necessary to form rust, in the first place. Either way, the iron docks are home to both private boats and the famous Waking Dream, doing its ordinary rounds. Strangely enough, there are next to no dock workers present.

It has been over 3 days in this strange world Laura has find herself in. Being all alone and hungry she roamed in the steers streets hoping to find where she had ended in. So far she has learned she is some where close to Egypt yet there is no proof of what she thinks. As before she has lost, she had a mediocre life and dnot decent but timely payed pay checks from her work whICBC is nothing more than being a librarian. Last thing she remember is she was reading an old tome of ancient Egypt and she has probably fallen a sleep and this is a bad dream for her. She is alone hungry and from what she has heard the humans are not the only intelligent speices on the world. Without knowing any direction she had lost her way, worse there is not any place for her to go even she knees around. Seeing Alekto she slowly gets near her "Hello excuse me is there an Imperial Embassy near?" she asks meakly with mo trace of being a slave in her voice.

The image of leather, chains, and white dreadlocks stands on the edge of the docks. Alekto's visage is turned up to the blank stretch of dark night overhead before Laura addresses her. The pale creature lofts a brow and turns back to Laura with those strange, white-black eyes. Slowly, the Vampiress tilts her head to the side. "You look lost, Little Mouse," the pale wmoan coos. After a moment she shakes her head. "No, there is no Embassy here. Nothing to save you and send you back to your safe home, I'm afraid."

It must be the darkness that has tricked the girl to Alekto, seeing the lake skin almost like a dead body the girl shivers slightly. She has only seen the vampires in the movies and she was always envious of their unmatched beauty, but seeing one with her own eyes she is not sure why's what to say even not sure of you Alekto is one of them. "Excuse me if I have interupted you miss I think I ampdt and pretty far away than my home as you mentioned and it is better I get back to where I am staying" she bluffes just feeling the dangerous situation she is in.

A cold hand reaches out, traying to catch Laura's fingers in a quick, but none too harsh, gesture. "Oh! Don't leave so soon. Please, I so rarely have company." Alekto grins, sealing the truth of her nature when she exposes the pearly fangs behind her tattooed lips. She moves forward, sweeping around like an elegant dancer to block any path back down across the docks. "Why so eager to go, anyway? Trust me, though you cannot go home you will find this place most… welcoming." Alekto cooes and leans forward, snuffling the air around laura's body as if seeking to drink in the girl's very essense and aura.

Not knowing why but Laura is feeling like a leading actress in a film moor noir. Her breathing gets deeper while her heart beat gets faster " I just believed that I did not belong to here, but now I think it would be rude for me to turn down such a polite invite down miss" she speaks almost like enchanted being poisoned by the aura of her predator. "She is not afraid of anything just unstoppable insticts is runing nn her blood. " I guess you are a native to this country miss. I am Laura and who you may be?"

Alekto lets her gaze wander a new as this fragile, mortal beauty before her turns on the charms of her manners and excudes the aroma of one enticed and nervous all at once. The Vampiress smiles. "I am Alekto. It a true pleasure to meet you, Little Laura." The Vampiress lifts the girl's hand to her lips, kissing it once before drawing her tongue in a little circle on the back of one delicate knuckle. "Oh, I have lived her my whole life and more," the woman explains. "I can share that with you - the sense of being home again. I can give you purpose and family and roots right here." Her voice takes on a lullaby like nature, as if speaking to a child she need only coerce. she reaches forward, brushing back a strange of Laura's hair, before letting her free hand rest on the girl's hip to draw her nearer. "Wouldn't you like that?"

"I just would like to return…" she mumbles enchanted with Alekto's voice. The expression on her face is not fear nor worry only emptiness.Her hand being kissed like a lady she blushes a little while she already started playing the game Alekto playing with out realizing "A family? I … have a family already" she replies meekly falling more into the chant of the vampiric aura. She was always straight till now as strangely she has an instable and undeiable lust for the vampiress though she is not that lost yet, with some weak humanly efforts she tries to step back from Alekto "Please it is not what you need to do right? I should be going …" she says not really knowing what is being offered to her.

The Voices whisper in their Mistress's ear, or rather - her mind: She wants it. You can smell it on her. She wants it. She wants you. She wants us.
For a moment, Alekto withdraws her touch from Laura, long enough to clamp her cold hands over her own ears and try and block out the rantings tumbling around her head. But, The Voices are right… Alekto's nostrils flare as she takes in the aroma of Laura's arousal. It stirs her undead blood, drawing her steps forward like a puppet on strings until Alekto presses herself up against Laura's turned back and wraps her cold, steely arms around the small, slave girl. "Don't leave me," she whimpers sweetly, nuzzling her nose against Laura's neck, feeling the golden locks tickle her cheeks and nose and drape her senses in the wamrth of softness.
Alekto loses herself to the sensation, herself and her control - and in that moment she tips her head forward and so smoothly, so simply, seeks to sink her fangs into the soft, blossom like flesh at the nape of Laura's neck.

Alekto leans forward, sinking ivory fangs into sweet flesh to tap the very essense of life and offer in return immortality to Laura.
Laura forsakes the sun and life in exchange for immortality and power.

Laura just watches things as she is watching a movie, "i must getting crazy" she shaw says slowly. Alekto's movements are not fast but Laura is feeling like she has fallen in the cold steel hard undead arms less than a blink of her eye. She closses her eyes for the last time, "please" she hardly pleads while she gilts tilts her head a little giving Alekto a better sight of her neck. With the bite a soft yelp escapes from her lips,she is not struggling at least not the flesh but her soul is struggling with in her as her life fades.

The sweet essense of Laura's warm blood fills the Vampiress from the core. She moans against the girl's tender flesh, closing her eyes to deliver herself further into darkness where only the taste of Laura's body exists. She holds the girl tighter as she feels the girls soul give way, a small part of herself breaking free to fill the void where Laura's mortality has left - make her thus part of the long history of the Forsaken.
Finally, Alekto tears herself free, stumbling back and away from Laura. Her look is one of surprise and astonishment at the creature that now stands before her in place of the once frail slave-girl. Her lip quivers, dancing with the need to apologize for what she has stolen from this child of the humans. But, then… "You are a true beauty in this rendition," the Vampiress admits. "Please, I must… go. But, meet me soon at the peak of the pyramid. I need to see you again." With that Alekto tears off across the island, disappearing into the darkness of the deserts to the north.

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