The Staff

Below you will find a list of all active and appointed staff members. Please direct your concerns to the appropriate member of the staff using either tells, @mail, or the email address listed below. Also Skype has been added in case you need immediate help.

Staff Member Position Email Address Skype
Isis Goddess (Coder & Builder) moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.sisI#moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.sisI Isis.Scorpius
Kek Website Admin/Isis's Bitch moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.keK#moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.keK Kek.Darkness
Kaelani Goddess (Builder) moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.inaleaK#moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.inaleaK
Lilith Character Relations moc.liamG|hsuMtauD.htiliL#moc.liamG|hsuMtauD.htiliL
Helper Member Position Email Address Skype
Eros Builder moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.sorE#moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.sorE
Thoth Builder moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.htohT#moc.liaMG|hsuMtauD.htohT
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