"Come", he offered. "Let us bask in the darkness of wisdom."

With a nonchalant wave of his hand, he brushed aside a single thick book that was afloat in the air, sending it on its lazy pace away from the towering creature and towards many other aerial volumes. "Always the question", he complains. "Always the first question I hear - and I hear it quite often - who are you?" The creature pauses, turning its avian skull towards you. Dark pits of nothingness stare at you as he corrects himself, "No, no, no. Not who, but what." In a snake-like motion, a hand snatches another book that was making its slow rounds past the bizarre humanoid. Pages are flipped through, and eventually he settles on an article about some Egyptian deity.

"See? Of course, you see. I see, you see - Thoth. That is what they called me. The adviser of the gods, the shaper of balance and the language of the Universe. I stood by the mighty, for Ra spoke through me, Osiris judged with me, and Isis…" The creature falls silent for but a moment. "And the stars you see? You see because of me." What loosely resembles a scoff can be heard, and the book is swiftly closed shut before it's tossed aside to float with its brethren. "The sea you see, no one knows better than me. I am Thoth, the Ever-Wise, the Ever-Watchful. So, step lightly, for I see what you see."

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