(Facts about the Kindred)


The Vampire species in a unique one, resembling their human counterparts only in stature.

The Kindred are strange machines, no longer having need for the mortal sustenance. Upon turning, nearly all major organs become useless. Over time they will disintegrate completely, leaving only that which is necessary to keep the predator ‘alive’. It is this quality, this strange lack of heartbeat and organs, that gives the Kindred their title as one of the ‘undead’.

Because of this lacking internal system, the Vampiric body is incapable of consuming normal foods. The only thing the Kindred body can process is human blood, the fluid which carries with it nutrients, oxygen, and life itself. When taken into the Vampire’s body, the blood is not truly processed, but instead absorbed into the bloodstream to keep the form mobile. Human liquids can be processed, as well, but will have no ‘nutritional’ value to the immortal, while the body will also break down alcohols leaving the form impervious to the affects of intoxicating fluids.

Also, because the body has expended all unnecessary organs, those which are left become more efficient and heightened. Taste, sight, smell, hearing, and touch become more attuned to all things surrounding the Vampire. Because of this, not only is the body incapable of processing mortal foods, but the sense of taste will find such products repulsive, the keen senses analyzing every compound that makes up the cuisine and exposing them for the chemical products which they are.

With the body honed into a perfect machine, muscles are attuned to grant the Vampiric an astounding strength. Also, with this new connection to one’s own flesh, the Kindred are able to change their form to small degrees. The hues of the flesh, hair, and eyes are easily manipulated, though the more concrete structures of one’s bones and stature are made concrete.



The Vampires's heightened sensitivities have made them weak to the Sun. The damaging effects of the Sun are compounded for the Kindred species. Upon contact with the pure energy of the sun's rays, Vampiric flesh, muscle, and bone will begin to boil and burn. Ultimately, this will result in a Vampire's death if left exposed long enough for flesh and muscle to burn away and the harmful affects allowed to reach the Vampire's internal workings.

  • Note: The time required to repair the damage caused by the Sun is exponentially greater than the average flesh wound. The average cut requires flesh only to knit itself together, while the repairs required from Sun damage require the complete regrowth of the damaged cells and body parts. Depending on the extent of exposure, a Vampire can be hindered for 24 hours or more, with the aid of sustenance from feeding, to heal from these wounds.


Used by the Egyptians as a way to dress their sons and daughters of the Gods, as a way of profound worship for the Sun God Ra, this element has some unnatural reaction with Kindred flesh. As if embodied with the power of the Sun itself, the press of this metal to a Vampires flesh will result in the same burning. Often this material can burn through flesh and muscle, but not bone. However, continued contact can be draining on a Vampire as their flesh continues endless and unerring attempts to repair itself even as the gold continue to broil his/her skin and thus continuously to suck at the Vampires energy and power.


Aromas and tastes are particular sensitives. Things of a pungent aroma or flavor can be discomforting and repulsive to Vampire's keen senses.


Vampires are physically banned from entering the household of a non-Vampire without invitation from a member of the home. Public areas and stores are not safe from the Kindred kind. Also, once a Vampire has received an invitation to a household, the invitation cannot be reneged unless the home is transferred to a new owner.

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