The damned of folklore and nightmares - The Vampires inhabiting Duat are very much like the creatures that haunt the fictitious literatures of Earth.

Vampires in Duat are limited to select bloodlines, each gifted with an ability unique to their lineage. All, however, obtain a few gifts and curses that are standard throughout all who are Damned. - All Vampires have the ability to 'bite' other beings and, in doing so, invite the victim to join the Kindred in a life of immortality. Vampires also have greater strength than those of a mortal, 'normal' human being. As for the drawbacks, Vampires are hindered in the fact that they can only travel comfortably at night. Sunlight is damaging to their flesh and will ultimately result in serious injury, or even death in more extreme cases. When it comes to the rumours of crucifixes and garlic, only the relic symbols hold any worth. While the religious symbols will cause no physical harm to a Vampire, they offer some discomfort to those of the Kindred kind and the immortal should seek to remove him/herself from the object's vicinity. (Please see the link below for more information.)

How to Play a Vampire


The Regent is the member of the Kindred society that is recognized by the other three star realms as the Voice of the Vampires. At this time the current Regent of Noxctalis is:


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Ancestress Alekto & Morgana

The Forsaken are the most peculiar band of Vampires to grace the realm of Duat. Their Ancestress was once a mortal member of Noxctalis, back when the realms sun still reigned high in the sky and the River Styx had not yet flooded the world. She was witness to the Decay that took over the realm, and took over her very body…

Those of the Forsaken line are particularly sensitive to sunlight and must be wary of venturing out into realms during the daylight. Rumor also has it that those of this line, by carrying the blood of their Ancestress, are touched by the Decay – the effect is a cacophony of voices that plague their thoughts, whispering deviousness and paranoia into their minds. But, with thanks to their Ancestress's age in immortality, they are particularly strong, even among the Kindred kind. These are the mad creatures among the Kindred, but are undoubtedly the rightful keepers of Noxctalis… It is their efforts that keep the River Styx tinted crimson with the addition of sticky, fresh blood.

To any that are willing to listen, the Forsaken will express and unwavering dislike towards the Tho'baan Vampires. Though they provide no proof yet, the Forsaken are certain that those of the Tho'baan line seek to deliver their world of Noxctalis into further Darkness and decay.


Ancestor Asmodeus

So came the day where Isis returned to Duat, stopping the decay of the realms that had started with Noxctalis. Behind her followed renewal. Mortals and immortals coming to breathe new life and renewal into Duat's four realms. But that was not all. The great serpentine shadow, Apep, followed behind. The devourer of the sun saw what had taken place in Noxctalis and thought it good. But Isis' return had halted the decay, and he could not, alone, force this decay to continue in the face of Isis and the gods surrounding her.

But he saw the mortals being turned into vampire. Gods amassing mortals into sects of were-beings, and the dark one came up with a plan. He would spawn children of his own, Small snakes. Slivers of shadows and corruption. They would slither across the realms, find bodies. Both the living and the recently dead. They would invade those bodies, violate them, and raise them as vampires. A blight on all living things. A mockery for all the gods: creatures of darkness that will feed of the living and whose very existence is made possible by twisting the works of creation of Duat. They are the Tho'baan (which is the rough pronunciation of Snake in Arabic).

The first of Apep's children found a host in a wanderer that arrived shortly after Isis' return. A grim, violent man, he naturally gravitated towards Noxctalis' seedier alleyways. Soon the elders of Apep's brood found him, and made him it's host. This new entity took the name Asmodeus, after an ancient demon. While most of the Tho'baan hosts are fully overtaken by the snakes, who absorb their minds and memories into their own, twisting them, rumours persist that Asmodeus is a gestalt of both host and snake, collaborating to further Apep's goals. It is said that other hosts retain part of their identity, merging it with their parasite's into a new vampiric self.

The Tho'baan are characterized by their sadism and cruelty. Even by vampire standards. While other vampires may deplore the necessity of their feeding habits and existence, the children of Apep do the opposite, relishing preying on mortals. Sadistic, they treat suffering as a sweet spice for their food. Because of their parasitic nature, they enjoy body art and even have a tendency for masochism. After all, it's not their actual body that is taking this no?
The Tho'Baan have the following traits:

  • Besides the normal dislike of sunlight, the Tho'Baan dislike the feel of the other egyptian gods. Being a temple or holy ground consecrated by one of the Egyptian gods weakens them and renders them uncomfortable.
  • The Tho'Baan snakes all have an affinity for magic. Especially dark, shadow magics and necromancy. They enjoy magics that let them corrupt and twist the livings and the world around them.


Ancestor Yaksha

Many centuries ago there was a warrior, unsurpassed in battle and skill as a hunter. The warrior however was arrogant, uncaring and cruel. He did things solely for his own pleasure, with no thought or concern for who he hurt. One day, he journeyed into the eternal forest in search of the "ultimate sport". He saw a beautiful unicorn, a rare site indeed. Pulling back the string on his bow, he released an arrow into the creature. Though mortally wounded, the unicorn did not immediately parish - it flopped around and struggled for breath. Instead of releasing the poor animal from its Misery, the warrior laughed and mocked the poor beast. Unknown to the Warrior, the deity of the forest saw the horrible act and was displeased. She appeared before the warrior in a flash of brilliant light. "You have skills no living man has ever possessed, skills that could be used for the benefit of all, but you squander them on things such as this. Well, that shall change today." The warrior was very afraid and begged the Goddess for mercy but she replied, “You who are incapable of mercy now plead for it?" She cast a sad eye to the unicorn. "She was my friend and the last of her kind, you took her life and caused her to suffer for mere sport." The Goddess then cursed the warrior, "You shall never die, but shall feed off of the blood of cruel beings such as yourself. Your skills will now only be used to protect the animals and beings that cannot take care of themselves. I have not forgotten that you are a predator at heart and as such you shall be able to take the form of any predatory animal in order to carry on your mission." The Goddess then looked at the bow and destroyed it, "No more shall you use such cruel weapons.”

As time passed the warrior Grew to appreciate and love the animals he was cursed to protect, and his personality, as well as the personality of any that he Sires is more like that of a wild beast than that of a man.

  • Due to the nature of the curse, the Laminar are incapable of using any weapons. Attempts to brandish such an item draws the Vampire excruciating pains. The Laminar are also weak to their tempers and are thus prone to rage.
  • Like their Ancestor, members of this line and take on the form of any living, predatory animal. Laminar are often wild and unrefined, due to their animalistic nature but are loyal to friends and allys. They are a tight knit family.


Ancestor Drakth

The Blodtwulffen (Bloodwolves) are a bloodline, and a Tribe, of war-like individuals held together by the fierceness of their Curse and the loyalty and family bonds branded into them during two Rites, one specifically known as ‘The Howling’. When a freshly cursed vampire is required to fight off either the Wulfsfaang (Second in command) or the Wulfshead. Drakth himself. Where others are about the dark world of Nox, The Blodtwulf are about their own Tribe. More than willing to wage war on others for the success of their own family. Those who cannot become Blodtwulf, take on the second part of The Curse: The Enflammed. Raging cannibal-sadomasochists that are nothing more than frothing beasts used as fodder, and sport.


  • War. - All Blodtwulffen are baptized in violence and expected to remain martially strong, those who do not are ripped apart.
  • Rage. - All Blodtwulffen ‘suffer’ from something known as The Rage, a blinding seething power from The Curse that both gives them strength, both physical and emotional. When Enraged, a Blodtwulf fears nothing.
  • Tribe. - Being a wolf means having a family, having numbers. But this also means what wrongs you perform fall on them.
  • Passion. - A fire that most Blodtwulf discover immedietly, it pushes them beyond depression or despair. When they find Passion, a Blodtwulf will try to perform herculean tasks.


  • The Sun. - Blodtwulf /cannot/ be in the sun, not even for a moment. So full of fire are they, they explode into a firestorm from hell.
  • Tribe. - Just like the advantage, save, this is stressed here. Do not embarrass your family.
  • Pride. - Blodtwulf see themselves as better than non-blood members.
  • War. - Warriors cannot tolerate boredom.
  • Gods. - Drakth’s hatred for deities filters down to his Children.

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