In Duat, were-creatures hold a more religious background than the fables of Earth would have you believe.

Each line - Canine, Feline, Avian, and Reptiles - are not considered bloodlines, but are instead called 'sects'. Each sect has been granted their astounding ability by a particular God or Goddess and has erected a temple to the deity in a display of gratitude. Therefore, the individual leaders of the four sects are considered Head Priests, or Priestesses, who lead their people in all manners of initiation and ritual.

Keep in mind, most of these creatures may take on their second forms at will, making a shifter a dangerous opponent.


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Sect of Anubis

This sect contains the canines of the were-creature society - the more popular were-wolves fall under this lineage of transforming individuals, but foxes, coyotes, and other similar canids can also be found.

Sect of Bastet

This sect is the felines of the were-creature society. Cats, panthers, lions, and those of the similar species fall under this lineage of shape-shifters.

Sect of Horus

This sect is the avian members of the were-creature realm. An individual of this lineage is granted the ability to transform into a birds. Hawks, sparrows, eagles and so on are contained under this particular sect.

Sect of Sobek

This sect includes the reptiles of the were-creature society. Those belonging to this lineage are afflicted with the second for of a reptile, including everything from serpent to crocodile, with size and species varying from member to member.


Alternate forms are limited to creatures that currently exist within the realms of nature. Extinct creatures no longer obtain a connection to the Gods and Goddesses and therefore are not passed down to the followers of a Sect. Also, mythological creatures are not permitted.

Examples:The Sobek sect cannot become dragons. The Horus sect cannot become phoenixes or rocs. The Bastet sect cannot become saber-tooth tigers. ETC.

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