Your Welcome At The Well
Scene Name: The Well's Welcome
Date & Time: 08.27.2011 3:30p.m. -6:00 GMT
Characters: Dutch, Kyle, Inuyasha, Monica, Naida

The Well

Done in a motif of dark wood and silver accents, The Well's subtle lighting offers a relaxing atmosphere even on a patron-crowded occasion. Directly across from the entrance, a long bar fills the western wall, stretched out in all its dark-wood, polished glory, only to be outdone by the substantial selection of alcohol lining the wall behind it. Above these liquors, an expansive mirror fills the remaining wall, reflecting the patrons from every corner. A carved plaque on the bar's front greets the occupants with 'The Well - The Alcoholic Home Away From Home'. The rest of the room is filled with small, circular tables, each surrounded by four chairs for more intimate conversations.
Lacquered wood stretches from wall to wall, the northern of which is home to an open doorway, offering a peek into a long hallway. The silver light fixtures overhead sway in a dance to the melody of laughter and banter, while the arched door to the east promises an exit from the establishment.

Inuyasha was sitting at the bar, drinking down a bottle of sake. It was hard to tell if he was a girl or guy with the clothes he wears. A long sigh is heard. He came here cause he was bored..

Kyle looks weak as she has not eaten for days and hardly standing on her feet. Hoping to find something to eat she gets the well and looks around, first she realizes Inuyasha but she is so arrogant and proud to ask for something to eat . As it is free she fills herself a glass of water and sattles in a dark corner while drinking it silently.

As the placid night air swirls about the door, in walks the vampire known as Dutch, walking with a tall, proud stride. This man, or vampire rather, oozes confidence from the extremely toned frame. His muscles bulge into his thin tight skin, displaying his prowess through the unbuttoned and open shirt. His shorts riding low on his waist and conformed to his chiseled features. With a quick glace about the bar, his gives a warmly nod and smile, working his way to the bar, and slipping into an open stool. "Hey, how is everyone t'night?" he inquires about the other occupants, as he motions to the barkeep for his favorite beverage, blood on the rocks. He goes ahead and orders a round for the rest of the barflies as well. "Whatever they're having send them another, my treat!" his voice carries over the room, and is meet with several cheers. He gives a nod to the newcomer Kyle that settles into the corner, "She smells weak, send her the house special. A good meal with do her some good."

Inuyasha perks his ears up as he hears others coming into the room. He turns on the stool to watch Kyle, blinking. He was about to get up and help her when another man comes into his view with a open shirt and low riding shorts… He gazes at him… he knew by scent that he was a vampire.. but a damn good looking one. He coos, as the other man orders another round of Sake for him, "Uhh Arigato.." he bows his head as his ears twitch upon his head. He then looks over towards the girl, and then back to the guy. A bit of a blush was upon his face.

Kyle looks at Dutch with piercing eyes "No thanks I am good sir" she refuse with a proud tone, though her body betrays her with grumbling soundly.

The vampire beams to the half-blood, the scent truly unmistakable. The ethereal even brings forward the creatures name, and utters it unto his mind. He gives a bowing gesture with his head toward's him, and offers up a few words. "Hello, Inuyasha the half-blood." a warm smile creeps upon his lips as he means no disrespect by referring to him as such, even though it may be to his slight displeasure. To the hungry maiden, Dutch shows insistance towards the keeper and the order already placed, and awaiting delivery to her. "It's okay, go ahead." he murmurs over to him, and watches as a waitress shuffles the warm enticing entree, before the hungry girl. His vampire senses cannot be fooled when it comes to a person in need. There is no query of approval from her, just his friendly gaze that tells of an insistance. The treat is on him as well. Turning back to his drink, he lulls his fingers around the rim of the glass, before bringing it up to his nose and giving it a sniff over. Savoring the essence of the freshly dead that brought this drink to him. Maybe evening saying a silent prayer.

Inuyasha blinks a few times looking at Dutch, watching his face.. then gazing down to his chest. He quirks a brow as he calls him by his name.. and that he was a half blood, "H-hey.. how'd you know my name?" he asks as he quirks a brow. The blush still on his cheeks. Yes he can speak English. He finishes off his first drink, then moves to his next, looking at the male right beside him curiously before he looked over towards the girl in the dark corner.

Kyle has never eaten since she is created , as she has never been felt hungry in her eternal life. Yet as an angelic creature banished to mortal lands she is learning new feelings as hunger and thirstiness. She can smell blood and the scent of non living that she mostly despises because they are coming against the rules of her lord, get again she is in need of the food that unread has generously ordered for her. Acting like a teen arrogant girl she pushes the tray away "you can take it back" she orders to waitress.

As Dutch brings the drink to his lips and takes in a cool refreshing drink, he closes his eyes and truly enjoys it. All the atmosphere seems to fade away for that moment, but it quickly returns as the glass is seated back on the bar counter. His gaze drawls back to the half-blood, acknowledging the lofted brow, and slinks out, "Heh, it just comes to me like that." There is nothing more he can really offer up to the man. Things have been this way for awhile. He doesn't know why really, but there is a connection to his mind and the ethereal. Something that he has to safeguard at all times. He wouldn't want an ambitious spirit to wriggle it's way into power. With a chin nod to the barkeep though, he buys Inuyasha another drink, wanting him to feel comfortable, relaxed. He doesn't speak very much at times, but some idle conversation may curb that boredom. "So, haven't seen you before. Where ya been hiding?" he inquires and makes that idle talk. He knows that the critter has been around awhile. Back to the girl though. There is something definately strange about her. The essence has nearly no smell, despite the fact she looks fatigued. The blood has no drawl, as if she were already dead. Something intreging indeed. He glances to her and away from the furry companion at the bar, to lull over the girl. "You need to eat. You have no need to be ashamed. Take it." he softly states, hoping that maybe this time with the words stated, she will partake and ease that suffering. He then drawls back to the wolf boy, taking another drink and awaiting the reply.

Inuyasha says, "My name just… came to you like that?" he questions curiously. His eyes do not take off of the other mans gorgious body. He downs his drink and blinks as another is brought to him. He blushes, "Why are you being so nice… you hardly know me.." he says wanting to touch a feel at Dutches body. He starts reaching his hands towards the mans waist, but forces himself to bring them back and then he blinks finally taking his eyes off of the mans body to look into his eyes, "I've… been around.." he says with a shrug, licking his lips.He looks once again over to the girl, "Shes weird… I would never refuse a meal.. especially a meal from a hot male.." he then gasps, "Um uhh forget I said that..""

Kyle feels shame as the unread speaks the truth , yet she is not that desperate to accept an offer from a merciless blood sucker "i am not going to eat thanks , I am not a prey for you to suck" she leans back and tries to concentrate on something other than the food on the table but each time she fails there is an other grumbling sound comes from her belly. Then she looks at the half wolf boy and sensing the demon side in him "as expected from a lowly demon" she murmurs .

It is Dutch's turn indeed to loft a brow towards the young half-breed, though a smirk of amusement befalls him. He likes attention in his own way, and the compliment, however misguided, rings true. "Well thank you." he chuckles out, after a nod to reaffirm inuyasha that his name in fact did just come to him, like that. The female of no scent however is only barreted with a shrug, as though he states that he cannot help those to refuse to help themselves. Even after he had been kind enough to present her with the warm meal, she remains defiant. There is just something out of wack with her. Something he has yet to pin down. But he will. The ethereal always delivers. It holds back for fair reason now. His gaze locks onto her now, and peers as though looking into her soul, trying to get a read at where all that prejudice comes from. "All is not as black and white. Light and darkness. Not here." He continues his gaze after offering up the simple advice like a sage, and drawls back to his drink. Another cool refreshing drink to carry him into his thoughts.

The hanyou can't take it anymore so he slings himself towards Dutch, while he was distracted with the looking at the girl in the corner, wrapping his arms around the mans waist, nuzzling him. His eyes narrow slightly as he hears what the woman says towards him, "At least I have taste and I know how to eat.. you on the other hand.." he starts to say but is VERY distracted with Dutch's body to really pay any attention to her.

Kyle was a justicar of light mostly judge and executioner of evil, bringer of light yet she is nothing but a slave sent here and worse she does not know why "Yes all that has taint in will be feeling the burning wrath of my Lor……" and her collar starts to shine with some ancient runes burning her neck painfully. The scent of her charred flesh fills in the room while she is squirming in pain . As the runes disappears she hardly regain her consicuous back. Looking back to half breed "at least I not as low as to accept an unread" she replies to Inu.

The half-breed's stalk was known, but there was no reason to allow him to fall on his face. There is no evil aura emitted by this driven creature, just the desire to be loved and love alike. It isn't a surprise when his gaze is interrupted by the embrace and the nuzzles, and before he can really react to it the glint of the girl's collar catches his eye. The smell of flesh indeed. He moves closer from the bar, dragging Inuyasha and his envious hold with him as though he were weightless. He ponders on what just happened, and examines over the runic markings that fade away. "You've lost your way haven't you?" he suddenly states, cutting the quiet of the room, as all eyes are now on her. That display even causes some of the regulars to pay up and get out. As Dutch stands before her, Inuyasha in tow, only an utterance graces his lips, "..celestial.." It all makes sense. The scent. The blood. It's here but it's still lost.

Inuyasha blinks a fewe times as he is lifted and is dragged with Dutch as he gets up and goes over to the girl that just got her neck scorched, "He's a hottie..but thats not the only reason why.." he says, "I don't think there is any harm in this man at all.." he says, "I can sense it.." He stays attached to the other male, staying close to him. He stayed away from the female as he didn't really like females anyway.

Naida enters

Despite being half-way through her pregnancy, Naida still finds herself capable of leaving the tower and strolling out into the public from time to time. Of course, sitting upon the massive beast, Kirikt, she is able to move rather swiftly without her legs and feet having to deal with the additional weight. Pushing the door open with his shoulder, the oversized wolf forces his way through and into the Well, instantly sniffing out the crowd and testing for any foes he may already be familiar with. The mermaid, in human form, also takes a quick scan around, although she's looking for more of a familiar face, rather than those who would plot to hurt her or her kin. Finding Dutch from the corner of her eye, she smiles softly and leans forward to whisper to her Guardian, urging him to the vampire's direction.

Kyle slowly regains her consicuous and looks in Dutch's eyes that has been examining her "nothing that you need to know, if you are here to mock me go with it" she speaks painfully. As it seems she has a grudge against half breed and the unread in the room. Then realizing the mermaid entering she looks much more troubled and stands up hardly, speaking to Nadia "you should leave…" she speaks with a commanding tone.

The vampire Dutch, brings a hand down to pet Inuyasha, as he has moved from the bar with him attached at the waist. Running his clawed figures into the soft white hair, while his gaze pierces into the celestial. After a dazzling display of color and light, mystical runes and seared flesh. Her twisted views are nothing of her lord. Somewhere along the way, it's became lost. But once again, he cannot help those that will not even help themselves, especially if they should know better. The scent of the hulking wolf the mermaid rides atop permiates through the air, even before it nudged through the door. That soothing voice was oh-so-familiar as well. "Hello Naida." he greets simply. Eyes still fixated upon that oddity, but then finally turning to the woman and giving a smile, to both her and the wolf. "How do you fair" he inquires, trying to ignore yet another rude outburst from the girl.

Inuyasha blinks several times as he feels the petting upon his head. He coos out as man brushes his claws through his thick main of hair. It was soft. He stays clutched to Dutch as he had his arms wrapped around the mains waist, not wanting to let go.. even as another women came in. He dispised woman, not really careing for them in away, especially the ones that had a grudge against him when he didn't do anything. He does give a low growl when the wolf comes in as the woman on it does. He was a dog demon.. not a wolf demon…He thought about going back to the bar to sit, but decided to stay clutched around Dutch.

Staying atop her loyal friend, Naida moves just a little bit closer towards Dutch, smiling perhaps a little too much at his greeting. A gentle nod of her head, though she is quickly distracted with Kyle's warning to leave. Confused by this, she says nothing in return. Although Kirikt quickly shows he isn't a fan of people trying to bark orders at the duo. Her throat rumbles in a low, gutteral sound, snarling at Kyle and snapping his powerful jaws at her, a warning of his own. "Kirikt, be nice." Naida says to her companion softly before gripping onto his fur and sliding down his side to the floor. Now that she is standing on her own accord, it's quite possible Dutch would notice that her belly has grown quite large compared to the last time he saw her. Unnaturally so. Still, she makes no comment of it and simply moves further towards him, feeling no reason to fear this man. "Naida is glad to see Dutch is well."

Monica enters

Monica opens the door into the Well. Then pauses, still holding it open, confusion evident to anyone who looks her way. She is, unsurprisingly enough, staring at Kirikt. Her head slowly tilts back, taking another look at the exterior of the building. Finally, with a small shrug, she steps in, careful not to brush against the huge freakin' wolf. Closing the door behind her, she casts a long look around at all gathered, and finishes with a small wave to Naida, the only occupant she already knows.

Kyle tries not to be seem so surprised by the living approaching to the undead yet she fails. As she still feels the burning agony on her neck she refuses to speak more since she really has no idea how her collar works that has bestowed her by her father. Slowly getting away from Dutch she walks towards to the door, it seems she is trying to avoid most people around .

It's been sometime since the last Dutch had seen Naida. The betrayal to be exact. He nods slowly to her, and does a slight bow with his head, to tell her that he is glad to see her as well. "Your coming along.. quick." he states at seeing that progressed baby bump. As the confused girl stands, he moves aside. He will not impede her path. She is a here by some other means, and that blood would not even be worth tasting, as there is no drawl. That sweet scent is not there. The celestial is gifted in that way. As Monica enters Dutch sends her a quick nod as well, seeming to be the friendly sort. The dog-demon about his waist just continues to snuggle, and hold on tight. The vampire can sense that he is disgruntled for some reason, perhaps scared in a way. He just keeps the hand on his head, reaffirming that he is okay here.

Inuyasha watches as the other girl that was at the table start to leave. he shrugs his shoulders as he kept himself attached to Dutch, letting out a slight sigh as the two woman aproach. Just what he needed… more distraction from woman…If he could figure out how… he could transform into a woman.. he doesn't remember how he could do it though… He suddenly lets go of Dutch though, moving away from his hand, "I'll let you two talk and catch up.. as I am not needed.." he says bowing towards Dutch as he moved back towards the bar, sitting down. Its always the women the ruin everything.

It's actually because of that baby bump that Naida hadn't noticed the clinging Inuyasha to begin with. She never would have thought of looking down, as there usually isn't anything interesting there. Apparently this is not the case today. A sudden slave popping up from the floor practically startles her, taking a firm hold of Kirikt's fur and using his body to brace her own, just in case it decided to fall over on her. Confused about this, she says nothing, allowing him and Kyle to step away from the one she is now visiting with. A perfect opportunity to carry on in conversation with Dutch. "Yaksha must be stupid." She starts out quickly without even taking a moment to think about her choice of words. "Yaksha wants Drakth to be General of Nox? Drakth hungers for war, and cannot stop. Naida thought Regeant would bring peace to Nox, not urge destruction."

Monica's eyes move to Kyle, briefly looking over her form. And she moves away from the door, letting her head right out if she wishes. Spotting Dutch's nod, a smile comes to her lips and she moves towards the trio a little more confidently. Actually, make that a duo. Must not stare at the sulky naked dude, must not stare… An eyebrow comes up when Naida starts talking, and Monica makes a little 'huh' as she closes the remaining distance. Well, most of it, still keeping enough of it so as not to appear too intrusive. "Drakth. The official General of Nox. …seriously?" she doesn't make any more commentary for the moment, but the tone conveys her disbelief quite nicely.

Kyle exits

Dutch simply meets his emerald gaze to the violet eyes of Naida. Absorbing her words in a most calculative way. It's clear to him that she does not share the same ideals as her lover, but who is he to judge her intentions at this time. Needless so say he is a bit more reserved with her since that meeting. His own sire offering him up to the true problem, disgracefully. Nearly losing all respect. It's clear though that Dutch has been changing too. His muscles have grown and bulge out against his tight skin. They are toned now beyond the normal conditioning, only something an immortal being would truly be capable of. His shorts ride low on his waist, and his shirt is totally open and unbuttoned, showing off his extremely chiseled chest and abs. "Yes." is all he replies, both directy at Naida and also to the blurt of the newcomer. A young lady that he has never seen around before. As Inuyasha, backs away and returns to the bar, he pats the top of his head one last time, and withdraws the safety of his hand, then drawling back to the mermaid. "What you say is true. What would Naida do about this?" he inquires, curious as to the woman's point of view.

Kirikt has no reason to stick around with the current conversation, either. It does not concern him at this point in time. What does, however, is that there is another canine about in the room, even if he's only half of one. The massive beast saunters over to Inuyasha, sniffing out the young man and trying to understand what exactly has created him…Naida on the other hand, continues in her conversation with Dutch, caring not who could be listening to her words, including Monica. Honestly, she had expected some sort of defensive line to hear from him, but when 'yes' is the only answer he gives, it catches her a little off guard. "Naida…would have to think." Her eyes lower away from Dutch and fall to the growing child in her womb, resting a hand on it in a protective yet tender way. "Land is hard. So much anger and suffering…Naida's home was pure survival."

Monica gives a little 'hrrrm' at the deadpan response received. A brief look is given at the bar, and Monica heads that way, moving behind the counter to explore the establishment's supply of liver-killers. As her hands pick out one bottle in particular, Monica sighs heavily. Turning around, she grabs a glass - an ordinary one - and pours some of the clear liquid contained in the bottle into it. That done, she moves back around the counter, with the bottle tucked away in its place again, and the glass in hand. "I know what I'd do. Requisition extra medical equipment for the consulate." she comments, then quirks an eyebrow at some internal pondering. "I'm sorry, I should probably introduce myself. I am Lady Monica von Drachen, wife of the Etgaian Consul in these land." That's primarily directed at Dutch, seeing how she doesn't recognize him either.

That gesture again. There just something wrong with it. If he was human, and still alive, the hair on the back on his neck would stand at that gesture. There is love for child…but it's something more. Couple that gesture with the unnatural growth rate. An oddity indeed. There is no scent or ethereal sense about it either. It worries him in a way. His eyes drawl back up from the tummy rub into the violet, which seem to be lost looking away. "And you want it to end?" he questions of her, probing her thoughts with every chance he can get. He simply needs to know more, but will not ask directly. There is a devout honor about him, and an air of complete confidence. He stands silent after the query for several seconds, at least until the introduction was cast his way. "Pleasure, m'lady." he states giving a slight bow. "I am Dutch of the Laminar." he responds and gives her another friendly smile. He understands where the advice she offered comes from, but in a war between two realms? He is doesn't think the medical supplies will be necessary. Not if the war happens. Only body bags will be necessary. All that innocent blood.

Inuyasha perks his ears up, blinking as the other canine comes over towards him to sniff him out, "Huh? Oh.. heh.." sweatdrops slightly as he looks at the Canine. He leans in and places his hand gently upon the others head if he is let.

Her motions along her stomach are rather idle, hardly even aware she's doing it to begin with. It just…happens. There is a low growl coming from the bar, catching her attention once again. The sound is coming from Kirikt, who is just inches away from snapping his fangs down on the hand moving towards him. "Kirikt, stop!" The mermaid shouts at him. Not in angry. Simply to catch his attention before Inuyasha gets hurt. Exhaling quickly through his nose, the wolf-beast turns his head from the boy, now keeping an eye on his Duty, all the while making sure this dog-demon stays within sight. It's clear he still isn't sure what to think of him just yet. Back to her…She nods her head in agreement. "Naida hates war and death. Blodtwulves are family, and Yaksha wants this. Yaksha attacked Morgana, so to save skin he offers Drakth General position. Stupid…"

Monica flicks the fingers of her free hand, one by one, at the glass, her nails tinkling faintly against it. And then she takes a hearty swig from it. Judging by the slight shudder that comes from her, she didn't go with water. And then she returns Dutch's smile, bowing her head to him. "Well met, Mister Dutch." she responds. And time for some more drinking! "Politics. How unsurprising." she mumbles in comment to Naida's words. Getting a glance at her watch, Monica blinks suddenly. "Uh-oh. Look at the time! I gotta run!" And, after setting the empty glass on the counter, she does just that!

Monica exits

The vampire Dutch, waves to Monica as she suddenly cuts tail and heads out in a hurry. A glimpse over Naida's shoulder also keeps the hulking wolf and Inuyasha in sight. He would hate to have to hurt this noble beast, as it only wants to protect and serve, but harming an innocent cannot be tolerated. But it's all fine. Naida is on top of the beasts desires, and knows him very well it seems. His focus is shifted back to her once again. A funny thing. Almost as if he was called back, but she uttered no such thing. Her words press on him. He remembers the tale she told before, and it does ring true. He comfirmed the story, though the retort was somewhat a different outlook. Either way, the Blodtwulffen where not in the wrong for protecting an ally. Dutch respects that kind of devotion. He gives another nod to the merwoman, not really having alot to say about that conflict, as he was no where around, most likely out in the woods or back at the mansion. "Yes…It seems he has broken the vow he took long ago.." is all he offers up, still trying to peer into those violet eyes, that are drifting, and not quite catching his own yet.

Inuyasha says, "Hey.. I was only trying to be nice to you.." he says towards the other canine as he quickly takes his hand away from the canines face, getting the picture as its owner calls him to stop, noticing Dutch was watching him as well, "I'm fine! I can take care of myself.." he says. He had thought the beast would see eye to eye to him because he was canine, but he guesses not. He kehs and orders another drink, opening the bottle and downing it already, "Damn it.. what a day.." he says"

Hearing Inuyasha's words Naida can't help but chuckle a little at that. So silly that people seem to think they can befriend a blodtwulf by petting it. "Kirikt is Alpha Direwolf, not a dog." She reminds outloud, then turns to gaze back at Dutch, her violet eyes finally coming up to look back into his. It's difficult for her to keep herself staring at him, her submissive side telling that it's rude to look at someone in such a way. Hey, she's a slave for a reason, even if she doesn't act like one or get treated the same as most do in Duat. "Nox needs a new regeant. Naida thinks Dutch should take over. Yaksha is stupid. Drakth would listen to Dutch." Having said that, the weight of her baby is starting to wear on her legs, and so Naida reaches out for the closest chair and takes a seat, slow are careful to ease into it rather than plop herself down. "Drakth respects Naida's opinion of Dutch. Drakth will listen."

Upon hearing Inuyasha's annoyed utterance towards him, Dutch's mouth corners draw back a bit. It's not in displeasure, just a sign that he was only offering the glance to ensure his safety. Maybe something that the critter isn't used to. That gaze finally on his own now locks them together for that brief moment. He has never even thought of her as a slave, though he knows she is such. The circumstances revolving about the lovers are clear, and her words do indeed carry a heavy weight with them. His eyes narrow slightly as she speaks about him becoming the reagent, something he had considered before but is now unsure about. He feels it may not be too long before his lines is completely dissolved to time. As she slowly seats herself into the chair, that's when the ethereal finally speaks. It tells of an aura about the child, and how it is watched. Nothing else. Almost like a warning. The voice was distant and unclear. A bit raspy in nature, and hardly natural. As he pulls out a chair and has a seat with her, one final murmur passes through his mind "..destiny.." This voice was the one he has come to recognize, maybe even that of the noble Goddess of Nature herself. It's weak, but clear all the same. "I'll consider it. It's not like I haven't thought about it before.." he trails on letting his mind wander back over the ethereal words.

Inuyasha looking towards Naida, and then back to the Direwolf, "I knew that.." he says and then he leans in on the counter of the bar, "He can understand my words.. can't he?" he asks. That wasn't a stupid question to ask at all. He looks back to Dutch. He wasn't used to anyone protecting of his safety.. He to is a slave.. and yet he doesn't act like it at all…He stood up, walked over towards Dutch, and leaned into him with a sigh. The man was sexy and hot, "S-shall I leave you to alone?" he says, "It looks like I am definatly not needed here.." he looks to Naida and then back to Dutch, "As I have no clue what the hell is going on as I just arrived not to to long ago.." he says.

It's amazing how quickly Naida suddenly looks quite drained and exhausted. From the moment she sat down it's like all of her energy was sucked dry, and she can barely keep her head up properly. Solving this quickly, and not wanting to appear weaker than she already is, her elbow comes down against the table, using her knuckles to position her head so that it can at least look like she's looking for comfort rather than strength. If the others can't tell, Kirikt certainly can. He's up and at her side withing seconds, nudging at her softly to get her attention. She may be tired, but she isn't dying. A soft smile and her free hand comes down to her Guardian's head for a reassuring pat. "Naida is fine." The mermaid muses softly. Coincidently, the child within gives off the essence of energy, a spurt of growth that can't be seen, yet possibly felt for those who are sensitive to its spirit. Naida, however, is not such a person, and so she remains oblivious. "Pregnancy sure is demanding." She says moreso to herself than anyone else, only to look back at Dutch once more, picking up the previous conversation again. "Dutch could do good in Nox. Dutch seems very capable of bringing peace."

A calm and steady hand is presented as the merwoman does indeed look weakened. Dutch can sense the wain in her aura, the comsumption of her life force. It is an odd thing to witness, somewhat…evil. Only a parasite would consume life like that. Something he would consider cold and unnatural, clearly as it is. But still, he cannot quite put a thumb down on it, and it cycles through his mind. His contemplation is interrupted however, by the half-blood Inuyasha leaning against him. He smiles as he can see that the boy needs some attention, maybe more than he can provide, but still susurrates a gentle "Shhhh." over him, pressing a finger to his lips, and motioning with his other hand to the empty chair that sets beside him. He does not mean for this to be rude, but soft and understanding. There are things taking place here that neither of them may know about. He cannot sense understanding from the mother who carries the babe, nor from the half-blood who's attention is on other things. He just wants him to stay and offer his opinion when he can. Sometimes the slightest outside suggestion carrying a heavy weight. Dutch nods once again to the remark about pregnancy, not wanting to alarm her, and smiles friendly her way now. He then finally takes up the converstion as well, but being a man of few words, simply states. "Yes, I'm sure I could. It is something I will ponder on, for peace shall be attained." He offers up no more to the statement, no hints of understanding. The words pour from his lips as silk. Smooth, graceful, and collected. That friendly smile still in place.

Inuyasha blinks a few times as the mans finger is placed upon his lips. He gives the finger a gentle lick, then nods his head as he is told to sit down in a chair, which he does, "Y-yes sir.." he says as he places himself down in the chair, watching the woman in front of him on the other side of the table, sniffling the air a bit, catching a strange scent, "That looks painful lady.." he says watching her. He then looked over towards Dutch. He wasn't just looking for attention, he was also looking for he was alone in this world just about.

A parasite, yes. For now. But it will grow to be much, much more than just that in the future, even if the parents don't know it yet. Not all parasites are evil. Sensing the old subject has passed, Naida has no reason to keep bringing up her opinions of what she believes Dutch should be doing, instead falling back into a more casual conversation. "Naida is not in pain. Naida is a bit tired." The merwoman says in a quiet voice, fixing her eyes onto the giant beast by her side. "Drakth will soon not let Naida leave the tower. Drakth worries something bad will happen if Naida leaves, even with Kirikt. Drakth worries too much."

Dutch's gaze passes over her form once again then moves to Kirikt and back. He feels the need to reassure her of the safety she is in right now. "Blodtwulf or no. I will protect you. You can relax with me." that friendly smile still there, full of understanding. His head moves to the side, towards the half-blood in the chair next to him, his eyes slanted ever so slightly to bring him just into view, and he gives a nod, "Yes, quite painful." There maybe some lost meaning in his words, but he gives the hint to him all the same. His demon side should be able to sense something, though it might not react quite in the same fashion as his own ethereal link. His peer then goes back to the violet. "If it would please you, I will offer to escort you as well. I would hate for anything to befall you, m'lady." He voice silks this out as well, smooth. His eyes draw closed for only an instant as his head bows slightly then returns to form. He is truly respectful in his manner.

The scent was rather quite odd..He looked at the womans stomach, "A Parisite huh? echh.. " he says bowing his head, sitting up, "I would hate to have something like that growing inside of me…" he says worriedly. He looks to Dutch, then nods, standing up, scooting the chair backwards, "I may not like woman, but I can't stand having someone hurt so bad… regardless of gender.." he says, "….I could be your body guard.. I may not look it right now.." he says with a blush as he was forgetting that he was wearing girls clothes.

"Parasite?" Naida repeats curiously, having never heard this particular term before until just now. A peculiar name for a child, she thinks to herself. Looking down to her belly, the woman frowns some, having never called it anything other than 'Ours', and that only happened whenever Drakth was around. The large wolf now walks around her in one complete circle, placing himself directly behind her, although he is still tall enough to see over her head with ease. "Naida does not need protection. Not many would think of hurting a woman with child." She can be bright at times, though she is also very naive and innocent, never coming across the idea that she could be perfect bait to lure in whoever she was close to. "Men worry too much." Naida says again, this time addressing the both of them, including her companion. How silly it is of them to fret over being a little tired.

A part of his insides cringe as the word had been released into the air, but still he doesn't show any such thing. He just gives a warmly smile and states, "Of course, your right." and offers up a chuckle to her as she believes him to just be over protective. He can see that her insistance to go on as she has before pleases the hulking wolf. Very protective already, obviously. But she didn't realize that he wasn't talking about protection from any outsider…He was referring to the baby, to Drakth, to Blodtwulffen. He does not trust their clan still, and knows about the longing desire to sedate their thurst for blood from the masses of innocents. The half-breed is intreging though. Dutch didn't expect him to offer his services as well, and makes note of it in his mind. A noble creature regardless of it's heritage. Just like himself. At that he turns that warmly smile to him a few moments in approval and drawls back. "Is there anything you need?" he inquires of her, that same silken tongue. He will not force help upon her, as it is his will to allow all inhabitants to choose their path. All he can do is offer, and hope that it's accepted. He doesn't do gracious gestures as such out of some twisted genteman's noblity or honor, even though that quality is there. A small bout of worry hits him at the possibles, but even still that same smile. Never wavering. Consistant.

Inuyasha blinks as the two looks stunned after he had said that word, "Huh? What did I say?" he asks, "Should I say something like "You know who?" he then sits back down as the woman tells them that she doesn't need help. How stubburn. Just like him himself self. He leans upon the table and listens in. Dutch may know Inuyasha's name and what kind of creature he is, but he doesn't know all about Inuyasha as they havent really had time to talk persay. He places his head down onto the table, "We are here to help if need be…" he sits back in his chair and relaxes.

This whole conversation has become…interesting for her. She can't quite place what it is that seem to have these two are worked up. Protection from what? She is a key part of the clan that most people would fear to mess around with. The only 'gang' in Duat. Really, what does she have to be worried about? Her hand reaches behind her, locating the giant beast, and strokes him a couple of times in reassurance, while the other comes back down to rest over her pregnant belly. Another six months to go. At the pace she is going, how large will she be by that point? "Naida gives thanks for generosity, but it is not needed. Kirikt protects Naida." And in truth, this line alone would tell of her undying faith she has placed into the blodtwulves. Her family. They would never hurt her. Even this child, the one that seems to be gradually sucking the life out of her, isn't given a second thought that it's potentially dangerous for her. A foolish girl who's living in a dream.

Dream or no, Dutch respects her decision as it seems to come from a sound mind. His offered has been made and he is not one to renege on one made out of generousity. To her response comes a polite nod of understanding, and patience. His curiousity becoming quite the irresistable thing, as a hand strays forward to caress over the bump pressing outward against that soft satin skin. "May I?" he inquires of his action before carrying it rightly through. Unsure as to the permissions she would be comfortable with, or rather just airing on the side of caution with her. If respect is not presented to the unknown, there could be vile results. None of which he would like to ponder over at all. She is such a nice woman, but deluted in the sense that she lives for a house that is not truly her own. Then again, it's such a noble thing to be guided by love, no matter how blind it may make her to the conditions in which she places herself. His other hand extends to Inuyasha once again, and strokes over his soft hair, giving a scratch behind his ear, much in the same fashion as Naida does to Kirikt. He does realize this critter has a past, and would like to get to know it sometime. He feels a connection, but it may need to fermint and develop before he fully trusts him. Right now though, he is on a steady path towards that said trust. The pet and scratch are sure signs of that. His attention stays on Naida however, and the response to his coo for admittance in touching the bump of conception. His eyes still fixed on her, and wearing the warmly smile.

Inuyasha nods his head in return. He lifts of a sleeve of his top, taking the wierd looking amulet off of his wrist that one of the heads of duat had given him. He looks at it, trying to study it. He had been able to figure out how it works, but its been a while since he has figured it out or even messed with the silly thing. He looks over as Dutch reaches for his ears to pet and scritch him… and that is when he starts acting like a dog instead of a human…starting to move his leg, and close his eyes from the scritching. It felt so good. He doesn't charm in again about helping the woman out.

So easily distracted, Naida thinks to herself as she watches the sight between Inuyasha and Dutch. Still, it's amusing. Kirikt if the first to see the advancing hand, though, spotting it inches away from her stomach. A low and threatening growl starts to rumble just over Naida's ear, and yet she ignores it, knowing the wolf won't do anything unless she very specifically needed his helf. Still scratching at his coat it's meant to now be a form of reassuranace, silently telling the beast that all is well. Since she feels no reason to fear Dutch, Naida nods her head just the once in agreement, and removes her hand so that his can take over in the same position.

Dutch relieves a chuckle as Inuyasha begins to wriggle and kick his leg like a dog. It touches a funny bone in him and he just has to laugh about it. He continues for a few more moments, giving the dog-demon some scratching attention, as it had drew his attention away, but then his peer is back on the violet twinkle. No heed is even paid to the war wolf's threat, as it means very little to him, and as the master present doesn't give or receive any threat herself, it's cast aside with no response. At the nod in agreement to his request, his hand smooths over her soft skin. His hands cold to the touch, but not freezing. The warmth of the womb radiates out into his cool fingers, and he feels the babe within move away from the touch. The cold piercing into it's cozy and warmly environment. As his hand remains, he smiles warmly to her, feeling honored as she would allow him to trail over her delicate being, something like this requiring much trust in his mind. The aura around the womb itself however tells a different story. Even through the warmth there is an oddity. A singularity. How can it be explained. The ethereal is there. Pulsing. The whispers he gets from the touch, tells of age, and power. There is no way in hell this is the child of Drakth, unless he commands the sperm of a god itself. There is something going on here. It's not right, and as that thought creeps into his head, the ethereal encourages him to let go, he is exposed, "..close yourself.." it murmurs. He does. He has come to trust this guiding voice that directs his destiny. Yes, destiny. An interesting thing. It said that before. Destiny. Is that the name of the babe? His hand pulls back and collapses upon his knee. The heat from the womb feels good upon it, until it slowly fades from his touch. A warmly smile being presented the entire time, and a wink to the merwoman in thanks, as though very appreciative, just wanting her to smile and be merry.

Inuyasha stops what he is doing… as its embarressing. He turns and opens his eyes to watch as he nuzzles against Dutches hand that is on him, holding it gently in his grasp. He watches and then blinks, not sure what is going on. He eeps as he feels the sun on his back, quickly jumping upon Dutch to shield him from the sun.. or at least trying to help him… even if it does look funny.

It's clear there is something interesting growing within Naida, and yet how can she be so clueless about it. Truth be told, the child does belong to Drakth. It was his seed that impregnated her. The soul, however, is something very different. Oblivious of this, she smiles back to Dutch, knowing that her trust was placed in the right people. It was a bit of a risk, sure, but she was right about him. When the foreign hand pulls away, Kirikt also calms down enough so the growls are no longer present, despite those eyes never wanting to leave Dutch, or Inuyasha for that matter. He may be familiar with them, but as far as this canine was concerned, they aren't family.

The vampire's warm smile and gaze is interrupted by a pounce from Inuyasha, having already felt the sun himself. He embraces the critter and grips at him, holding him in place to allow just a few more moments before having to retreat. "Thank you for your generousity m'lady, but for now I must retire." He offers another warm and friendly smile, this on full of compassion, and maybe a hint of pity. Though she wouldn't know why. In the blink of an eye his form is gone, as if absolutely nothing had changed. But yet, he just wasn't there, leaving the poor half-blood to suddenly plummit to the ground a couple feet. There are two cards on the table however, left by him in his hurry. One for Naida, and another for Inuyasha.

Inuyasha blinks as he was left upon the ground as his companion left in such a hurry as to vanish.. but he spots the card and reads it. He grins and smiles happily and tucks it into his shirt sighing happily wishing that Dutch could have stayed longer. He gets up, "Well I guess I shall leave to then…" he says bowing towards Naida.

The sudden disappearance of Dutch confuses Kirikt, who happens to not be a fan of magic. On all fours in a heartbeat, the Alpha wolf sniffs about, searching for the man that was here only a moment ago. It had done the same thing to Naida, too, causing her eyes to look about. Sure enough, he had somehow just vanished into the air, leaving behind little more than those two cards. Coming to a slow stand, the woman reaches out with her fingers to collect the small piece of paper, though can't read it thanks to her limited understanding of english. Nevertheless, she holds onto it for now, looking back to her companion after Inuyasha's bowing out of the room. Smiling she nods then moves to climb atop the beat. "Home." And with that, they are on their way.

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