]Before you stands a young slave girl, who, when she moves, appears to glide effortlessly across the floor, as if she might be a dancer. Her long, white hair seems to have silver highlights, indeed, it shines like molten silver in the moonlight. She wears it pulled back, emphasizing her high cheek bones and her almond-shaped, violet eyes, with long dark lashes. Much to her chagrin, she has a speckling of freckles across her nose, back and chest, making her appear younger than her age, and her dazzling white smile complete with dimples, makes it even more difficult to tell her true age. Her pouting lips are covered in a perfectly applied glossy red lipstick, making her lips look even fuller then they naturally are, and extremely kissable.
The first thing you notice is that she is tall, nearly 5'10" even without shoes, with a slender figure and long shapely legs. As you glance down, you can see her flawless skin, her body has been shaved clean. Her pale breasts are surprisingly full and round for her body type, complete with rose-colored nipples. Her arms are long and well toned, her fingers well manicured complete with candy apple red nail polish.
Next you notice her flat and well-toned abdomen and her tiny waist. Continuing down, her hips are wide thus giving her that perfect hour-glass figure, her ass full and "ample to sample". As she slightly opens her legs for you, she is wearing a gold ring on each of her nether lips. they rub together as she walks and keeps her in a permanent state of arousal.
Finally you notice her long, toned legs, not muscular but sculptured in appearance, tapering to her delicate feet, wearing candy apple red nail polish on her perfectly pedicured toenails.

Yvette wears a beaded pectoral collar marking them as property of the Temple of Bastet. Resting flat against the chest the inner edge of the collar is formed of two styalized representaions of the Goddess done in black enamel with gold detailing and emerald chips for eyes. Their heads form the ends on either side of the collar, each feline's mouth holding a thin braided rope of gold, which secures the pectoral when tied and also serves as a leash. Linked plates of enameled gold form the Goddess's bodies until, at the center of pectoral, her tails cross then curl around the sundisk. Symbol of the Goddess, the disk is made of beaten gold on which is etched the eye of Ra. One paw each is outstretched, forming anchors for the copper wiring which holds the tubular and rounded beads of turquoise, jasper, amathyst, malachite, carnellian, amazonite, and lapis.

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