Origin of Zenith

A story is told of a mortal woman named Zenith, born from a farmer and his wife. As she grew older it quickly became wide spread that her beauty is like no other. Many men had travelled far and wide to make her their bride, but her father would never see of it. His daughter was fit to be a crown on a king's head, and none of these men were fit enough to ensnare her hand in marriage.

Set, long time rival of Horus, saw the stunning beauty on one of his walks in the desert. His heart melted, and within moments he was finding a way to convince her father to release his hold of her. Horus saw Set's desires, and in order to show further dominance he, too, went to Zenith's father and asked her hand in marriage. With the promise of healthy crops for as long as his family owned their land, the agreement was made. Horus had his wife, and Set was left without.

But this didn't stop him from trying to win her over. Many, many times Set tried to seduce the newly pronounced goddess, to which she had always turned him down. This angered Horus and his actions. To keep his rival from succeeding, Horus had transformed Zenith into a bird fit for her name. It is only whenever her husband is around that she is able to mold back into the beautiful woman he adored so much.

Horus' jealousy for his prized posession begane to irritate Zenith. She missed being free and able to be herself. With a potion from her most respected priest the goddess was able to retain her natural form, and in their very sleeping chamber, she bed with Set. When he learned of this betrayal she was banished from his realm and left to wander the streets alone.

While still keeping her imortality, she has been reduced to always carry the form of a bird. It is only ever when the moon is absent from the night that she can become human once again.

With this belief it is said that any given crow seen on the streets very well could be the beauty trapped in feathers. While forgiving, she is strict and harsh. From a birds eye view she sees much, so it is best to be on good behavior.

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